We have designed Von's Books as a site where you can read, and publish, free on-line Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy (and an occasional book outside of those genres). Most were written by our authors, but we also have put on public domain works that we enjoy. Authors can also 'publish' their work here, including placing their own ads on their pages. Our works are divided into several sections:

We have some works on Theology here, most particularly books on Courtship and Dating.

The first  of our fiction sections is our Science Fiction which is also our largest category. It consists of full-length books, both finished and unfinished, of the Science Fiction  Genre.

Our second largest section is our  Fantasy. Not much of the 'magic' stuff and more of the allegory, ala Bunyan or Lewis.

I've been working on some 'other works' recently... stuff that isn't either of the above stuff.

And then we have various Shorter works, many of which are totally off-topic, but we posted them here anyway.

Note: There have been some viscous internet rumor mongers who have insisted that some or all of the fiction  books here are 'didactic' in nature, and that the actions of the character involved represent my view of how a Godly person should/must act. Except for my works on theology this is NOT true. Indeed it is slightly ridiculous, as the characters involved behave in wildly contradictory ways.
In addition NOTHING on this site or anything I write should be taken as endorsing sexual activity between  or with prepubescent children. While I write on subjects and concerning times that may disturb modern conservative American sensibilities, my goal is not to sexually titlilate but to present fiction, fantasy etc. in appropriate settings... appropriate to the sometimes Godless and sometimes merely not very modern American settings.

Some works on this site are 'graphic' in the sense of portraying violence or speaking of nakedness, childbirth, etc. Parents should, as always, review any of these works before allowing their children to read them.

 There are thousands of books available for free on the internet, both in print and read-out-loud. We have posted some of them here, in our Christian Boys Adventure Library and Hearth and Home: Inspiration for Christian Girls: Books meant to inspire our children, and older children, with tales of bravery, loyalty, fidelity, and obedience.

Authors,  Illustrators and Editors wanted here at Von's books! Email Von at vohlman@gmail.com to let us know if you would like to add yourself to our site. Eligible participants will receive ad revenue for their participation.

 Von occasionally reviews a book, CD, or DVD; one that he owns, finds on the web, borrows from the library, etc. His reviews concentrate mostly on the theology (orthodoxy and orthopraxy) of these books.

As with all books, we strongly recommend that parents preview any books they allow their children to read.


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